Saturday, July 31, 2010

{DIY} Luau Cupcake Idea

These are definitely not any ordinary cupcakes....
(not that anything is ordinary from Bakerella!)

We have been getting a lot of orders for our luau invitations, and so when we saw these posted on Danielle's AFOMT blog (who spotted them on Bakerella), we knew we had to share them with you! They are pineapple cupcakes with mango frosting!

Check out bakerella's site and she gives full instructions on how to make these beauties.

Pair those cupcakes with either of these luau invitations... This boarding pass invitation...

or these luau invitations... from our shop!

Decorate with a custom personalized flip flop banner (new style added to the shop)... and you have yourself in hawaiian paradise!

Aren't they just so cute and unique! Great job, again, Bakerella!



Helen Guzman :: bonito design said...

The invitations are super adorable!!!

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