Friday, March 12, 2010

Jeffrey's 3rd Birthday - A Sport Theme

We went for an all sports themed party for Jeffrey's 3rd Birthday back in 2008. I didn't take as many pictures as I wish I would have! (oh the things I have learned in the past 2 years!)

At our etsy shop, , we just came out with a sports themed party invitation that we think is different than the rest!

Below are a few samples of the style. You pick your motif/sport icon, decide if you want a photo or not, and choose any colors you want and we create a custom invitation to match your theme!

Basketball sample:



SO many options!
Here are the motifs (If you dont see one that suits your needs, just ask and we will create!)

A client sample:

Here is a sample of a client's entire design for her son's football party:
(info changed)
Football Invite (She had the photo on the football helmet)

We also do custom logos, if you have seen in our previous blog entries. Here is a sample of what we did for this client's address logo:

We also had a custom request for luggage tags that the client could use for her favor tags. We came up with boy and girl versions for her son's "football" themed party.

Here is the girl version (cheerleader!)

and the boy version:

We sell custom luggage tag designs at our etsy site. You choose the theme, we do the design and customize with your guest's names/ mom phone numbers.

Its so easy to create a nice looking luggage tag. Here are the steps:

1) Order your design on etsy

2) Send us your customization info (names/#s) and theme request.

3) We put together a proof for you to review and request changes.

4) You get the high resolution file and can print at home or at a local printer (kinkos, etc)

5) Cut out the luggage tags and laminate! Kinkos sells laminating paper for around $1.99 for a sheet that is 8.5x14 (which would fit about 8 luggage tags!)

6) Punch the hole and you are done! Strap it onto a cute cookie or favor and the guests will be sure to rave about them!

Its a GREEN way to use a personalized tag on a favor - and everyone can always use luggage tags for bags, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc!

Back to the party:

Jeffrey's sport party was a HIT! ;-)

Start with the sweet stuff... The fun cakes that I made. 4 Cakes! (Golf ball is not shown here)

Here is the table with the "goodies". I made baseball, tennis ball and basketball shaped cookies and cupcakes. Then I made a golf ball, tennis ball, basketball and tennis ball cake.. all positioned on a football field table cloth. We had plates that were baseballs and footballs.

We had popcorn (like at a ball game!) and served hotdogs in those cute red/white striped trays. I had pennants all over (here it says "Jeffrey is 3")

This was a HOT day.

Outside tables (It was SUPER hot out there!) The bouncy house got hot to the touch and the kiddies couldn't even play on it!

We had the baseball pinata (which was a HIT, no pun intended) under the tent. The kids LOVED it!

Jeffrey takes a hit!

The kids were so hot, the fruit cups were a great way to cool off!

Favors are my favorite part of the party planning!

We had velcro ball mitts for the boys and whiffle ball/baseball bats for the girls!

This would have been a great place to use our party luggage tags for the favors! Also, use a party logo to top the bag of cookies off!

I didn't forget the "sweet spot" ending.... cookies for everyone (Packaging says "good game!") and Big League chew for the adults!

We had Duke and U of Michigan pennants, too! Supporting J and my alma maters!

The colors worked out well - blue and yellow for Michigan (my alma mater!) and blue and white for J (Duke alma mater!). The blue wasn't as dark as I would have liked, but oh well! I learn something new with each party!

I had signs all over (not pictured - why didn't I take more pics!?) - the front door said "batter up!", the back door headed inside said "time out"... and lots of others! So fun!

Overall, his party was a HIT!

Pierson was sleeping the WHOLE party... poor guy wasn't even in our family photo!



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ADORABLE! And I seen you had fruit cups. What a great summer idea!

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นอกนั้นพวกเรายังให้สิทธิคุณประโยชน์แก่สมาชิกที่ปรารถนามีส่วนร่วมในเกมแจ็คพอตแล้วก็สามารถมีส่วนร่วมในโปรโมชั่นการเดิมพันออนไลน์ที่มีอยู่ในข้างหน้าโปรโมชั่นของพวกเรา ยิ่งไปกว่านี้ สมาชิกที่เล่นการเดิมพันออนไลน์บนเว็บของพวกเรายังจะได้รับอัตราการชนะสูงสุดเนื่องจากเว็บของพวกเรานั้นมีชีวิตชีวาที่สุด
สำหรับในการถอนแจ็คพอตมากถึงแสนบาท พวกเราจะปฏิบัติการข้างในไม่เกิน 5 นาที ไปสู่บัญชีของสมาชิกที่สมัครสมาชิกโดยตรง
รายนามสล็อตออนไลน์ที่ไว้ใจได้ในอินโดนีเซียสามารถทำเป็นผ่านเว็บ AKASLOT.COM อย่างราบรื่น เนื่องมาจากการพัฒนาและก็การปรับใช้ระบบเว็บที่สลับซับซ้อนซึ่งทำให้สมาชิกรู้เรื่องได้ง่าย
สมาชิกจำต้องจัดแจงข้อมูลสำคัญบางประการเพียงแค่นั้น ยกตัวอย่างเช่น ชื่อบัญชี เลขบัญชี อีเมล แล้วก็เบอร์โทรซึ่งสามารถติดต่อได้ ข้อมูลสำหรับรายการการเดิมพันสล็อตออนไลน์มีสาระในการตรวจทานเมื่อกระทำการฝากหรือเบิกเงิน และก็ AKASLOT.COM ยังค้ำประกันความปลอดภัยของข้อมูลที่ส่งเมื่อสมัครสมาชิก


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