Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{Straight from the Studio} Introducing Collection #3 for The Cupcake Social

Day 3 of "The Cupcake Social" week at Anders Ruff!
We are now a guest designer for The Cupcake Social, offering an exclusive line of printable party packages to match Jen's fabulous cupcake liners. You can find them on two of Jen's shop locations: The Cupcake Social (new website) or The Cupcake Social (on etsy)

Today, we are showing you the third collection: Cupcake Birthday and Party Hat Collection - pink/black. We mixed polka dots, gingham and plaids.... plus a cupcake and birthday hat design.

We designed this collection with a special birthday girl's party in mind. It just so happens that my daughter, Grayce turned 5 yesterday and she wanted us to use Jenifer's pink & black cupcake liners for her party!

The collection includes: Square Party Logo Designs Circle Party Logo Designs Party Flag Designs Coordinating Patterned Paper Designs *Instructions Included!
Party logos are ideal for Cupcake toppers, stickers, paper cups, napkin wraps, favor tags, lollipop covers, food sticks, embellishments for party hats, popcorn cones, water bottle wraps and more!
Party Flags are ideal For: Cupcake toppers, sandwich picks, food picks.
Coordinating Patterned Papers are ideal for Party hats, water bottle wraps, wrapping paper for small favors, napkin wraps, treat wrappers, popcorn cones, placemats, banners, and anything your crafty self can come up with!

For this party - we made lollipop covers, popcorn cones, princess crown food sticks, party hats with tissue poms, treat bags for the goodies (they are sitting in front of the party hats), pinwheels, placemats, rootbeer labels, flag picks, a miniture pennant banner and of course we used Jen's pink & black cupcake liners with our matching cupcake toppers!
This collection can match up with lots of Jen's adorable liners! Check her shop!
The great thing about these printable collections is that you don't have to spend a lot of money!!! You can have a fabulous party with little effort on your end by using these economical design collections!

Don't forget Jen is offering an exclusive discount to Anders Ruff clients. You will receive a 20% Discount at by entering coupon code: AndersRuff.
We will be introducing new collections through Thursday of this week, so check back tomorrow. If you have an idea of a party package we should create - leave us a comment!!!! We love hearing what you have to say!



Erika said...

LOVE the hot pink & black! LOVE IT!!!! And I love the party hats!! Share the deets on those! How adorable, love the poof at the time, very awesome!!! Tied with ribbon?! Oh cute! The crown punchouts on the cupcakes are CUTE!! And the dessert table has a frame with a cut out in the wall??? And that's how you put the glass jars in there? OH my word, that's beautiful!!
I am always inspired, thank you!!

Anders Ruff Custom Designs said...

Hi Erika - you are so much fun... we just love your comments! We made the party hats out of our matching 8.5x11 patterned papers.
(we'll make a DIY template soon, but you can find them on-line).
We cut the shape out, taped it together... we made tissue poms on top of the hat (which are tied with long raffia ribbon), we put the string of the pom through the top of the hat, and then taped the string to the inside of the hat...
Hope that makes sense.
The crowns were made out of our patterned papers again, and I had a martha stewart craft punch for that (I found it at Marshalls, of all places).
This photo was taken in my dining room, and that frame above my buffet table is what I always have there (I use it for decor for my dining room, normally)....
Anyway - thanks for the sweet comments!

Cupcake Social said...

I cannot even express how fabulous this looks.
Watch out Amy Atlas! (respectfully ;)

Cupcake Social said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jenn said...

I love it!!!!! I am totally obsessed with doing a polka dot party...not that I have anything to celebrate at the moment but I am trying to think something up!

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LuBK said...

I loooved your job, do you make special themes? Its my daughter`s first brith and I wanna make a different printable party!! I`ll be waiting for an answer!!

Anonymous said...

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