Friday, July 16, 2010

{DIY} Custom Coloring Sprinkes

Custom Coloring Sprinkles - never thought of it!

Colored sprinkles_9

A fabulous client of ours, Erin, sent me her blog, Haute Dates. After reading through her cute posts, I came across this one and immediately knew I had to share and tell!

Jessica, from "Such Pretty Things" (A fabulous blog w/ great ideas that I will now always refer to!)

Head on over to Jessica's "how to" and I hope you come up with something fab-u-licious!

(PS. This would have been helpful when we were staging our "Sweet Celebration" collection - to match the colors of sprinkles to our graphic design collection!

Don't you just LOVE these photos? Thanks, Jessica, for the wonderful idea!

Colored sprinkles_2

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