Friday, July 16, 2010

{Straight From The Studio} Fabulously Frugal - A Wonderland Tea Party

We thought it would be fun to share with you how to decorate a party using related decor from your home. This is a great way to be stylishly cost effective plus make a bold statement.

Whether you are a Modern Diva, a Flea Market Junkie, a Vintage Vixen, etc... you can use your own personal taste with the help of our party package logos.

For this Wonderland Tea Party, we used our DIY Wonderland party package set:

(which includes: A fill-in-the blank invite, party logos, favor tags, candy bar wrappers, lollipop wrappers, water bottle labels, thankyou, wonderland banner... and more)

Below you will find the following home decor items that we used for this party:

1. Wedding China

2. Mix-matched antique tea cups, demitasse & saucers

3. Scrap fabric (remember that fabric you were "eventually" going to use for a sewing project?)

4. Tea cup - cupcake molds (from Urban Outfitters or Perpetual Kid)

5. Cake Stand

6. Antique books - used for giving height to displays (some books we turned into sculptures, inspired by Anthropologie Book Displays)

7. Vintage suitcase - can be used to hold supplies like your paper plates, napkins, etc (if you don't want to use real dinnerware)

8. Sterling silver trays, flatware, & tea pots - we left ours "unpolished" to give character :)

9. Oversized clock (from Pottery Barn)

10. Faux plants (cabbage, topiaries)

11. Urns

12. A variety of antique decanters

We then used our graphic designs to give cohesiveness throughout the displays

DIY packages are such a great way to make your party complete!

For those of you who like to have some elements of personalization on invitations, we also offer customized Wonderland invitations (see below)

Who says you have to spend a lot of $ when throwing a party? We love going all out without breaking the bank! Happy Friday!


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