Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{Featured Client Parties} The "Tweetest" Birdie Party

Emily is a party planning perfectionist just like me, so you can imagine the detail that went into this party! She planned ahead (rule #1), coordinated, accessorized and personalized everything (rule #2) and she captured all of the details on camera (rule #3).

We had a blast designing a birdie themed party for her little girl, Zoe. The TWEETEST invitation. Emily had us do some color changes to match the fabric that she chose for the scheme.

She even planned the photograph to have the color pink on the hair accessory that she wanted for the invitation. Love that detail! Here is a sample of the invitation design.

We designed an entire package of printable graphic designs for Emily to use throughout her party. Everything from favor tags, water bottle wraps, food label tents, you name it.

Is Zoe not the happiest baby!? Hello- modeling agencies, where are you?

Ok, so now... for the real detail! SO cute! I can't believe all of the work Emily put into this gorgeous party.

Here is the birthday girl, herself. So precious! Emily used the custom banner to create a high chair pennant banner.

Check out the adorable kids table. Emily's parents put down butcher paper for the kids to color on. (The perfect craft for that age!) Look at how nicely decorated the mantle is!?

A closeup of the mantle - what a precious photograph! No doubt Zoe had the opposite expression on her face when she saw her party!
Maybe I should have started with the entrance. The stairwell was decorated perfectly...
Now for the Tweets... I mean, Sweets (Ok, that is the last time I'll use that line.)
I absolutely LOVE the fabric. The word ZOE in the middle is just precious as the "centerpiece". I love how Emily incorporated photographs of Zoe on the sweets table. (She is the sweetest, afterall, right!?)

Here is a big shot of the table that shows how Emily strung the custom banner that we designed to match.
A shot of the cake. Loving the 3 logos stuck in the center!

Look how creative - the birds nests!!!!
And the rice krispie birdie pops! AHH!

Didn't get enough sweets? Welcome to the sweets favor table - guests got to bag up their favorites to take home.

I love the bar area! Adorable coordinating poms and you can see the water bottles all wrapped up in coordinating water bottle wraps.
A yummy food buffet...

Last but not least, the guests got a cute favor bag. The favor table looks perfectly coordinated!
Adorable bags adorned with the custom printable favor tags....
You see the party logos we designed everywhere in such cute and creative places!

Was that not the cutest birdie party!?

Happy Birthday, Zoe! (Outfit = so SWEET!)
Emily and Zoe - beautiful girls!
Thanks so much for sharing Zoe's amazing party with us, Emily!

Birdie invitation and coordinating designs are available in our shop!



Anonymous said...

gorgeous! love every single detail!!!!

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