Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{Sneak Peek} Maureen and Adria Strike a Pose

Adria and I have been talking about how we need to get professional pics taken of us together because so many of you have been asking "who is who". We only have a few photos of us together, so we figured that this was the time to do it!

We had the pleasure of working with Becca Bond Photography to capture some real moments with Adria and myself. Becca was AMAZING to work with. She really had some creative ideas and was such a sweetheart. We had FUN! You should check out Becca Bond on facebook, too!

Here are some sneak peeks. I am the conservative one (I joked that I look like a librarian compared to Adria) and Adria is definitely the rocker chic, as Becca called her. So funny!

Here is Adria's headshot in serious mode. Note - you probably won't ever see her with this expression - she is always smiling or doing something crazy!

Here I am....

Love this shot of us on the steps downtown...

Like our name banners? Adria loved these stair shots....
Stringing up an "Anders Ruff" banner... it was a WINDY day!

Maureen and Adria.....
More to come! Thanks, Becca! You did an amazing job capturing our real personalities!

Photography by Becca Bond Photography
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Shana said...

Great shots. Love the one with confetti. So fun. :)

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

great shots...I agree with Shana, LOVE the confetti!

Anonymous said...

GREAT photos!! bBeautiful and gorgeous of you both…definitely captured the two fun girls I know!! Xoxo Jaci

Erika said...

Gorgeous gals, gorgeous photos! They are awesome! I love the little banner, that's so cute! And Adria, the shoes... hello! To die for!! And I would love to borrow Maureen's orange cute jacket! So since I am so far away, link it for me ;)


Holly said...

LOVE them!!!! So cute!!

xoxo :)

Isbella said...

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