Tuesday, October 26, 2010

{DIY} Halloween Hijinks Courtesy of Danielle at A Few of My Favorite Things

Danielle from A Few Of My Favorite Things is one of OUR favorite things (er, people) and she recently posted on her blog a DIY tutorial for a spooktacular playdate or Halloween party that will have your tots squealing with glee and leave their mommies green with envy!

Danielle used our Happy Halloween Printable Collection as her inspiration and did a fabulous job creating fun “boo” boxes and “scary” sippy cups.

1. Danielle cut our patterned paper into strips 3 inches wide by 9 inches long.

2. She then matched up the pieces to use for each snack box (you will need two per box) and punched holes in the corners at the top and bottom of each strip.

3. She folded each strip of paper at 3 inches and 6 inches in order to have three equally sized squares. You can do this a few ways - hold a ruler at 3 and 6 inches and fold the paper up; use a paper bone folder to score the paper and then fold; or use the Martha Stewart Scoreboard to crease the paper at your fold points like she did. One you've folded your strips, they'll look like this:

4. Take two of the strips with contrasting patterns and overlap them into a cross shape.

Use a glue stick or glue dots to attach the center pieces together.

5. Next, she took some ribbon to string and run it through the holes in the corners to hold the paper together and create the box shape, then tied the ends into a knot. She used ric rac on these "boo" boxes.

Fill them with snacks and they're ready for little fingers! Danielle got really crafty and used some of the party logos from our printable package to add a little more ghoulishness to her boxes. She added a skeleton to this one and filled it with animal crackers.

And this “boo” box got a Jack-o-Lantern logo and some Chex mix.

She also wanted to try something different with the last one so she stuck a Happy Halloween logo sticker onto it, added some Reese's Peanut Butter cups and wrapped it with cellophane. The perfect party favor!

For her “scary” sippy cups, Danielle bought these Design-Your-Own Cups from Oriental Trading (at $9.99 per dozen). She removed the paper that came inside and replaced it with labels she printed out from our Happy Halloween Printable Collection .

What was meant for soda and water was re-purposed for sippy cups. Just print the label wraps out, cut them to size, put them in the cups and you're done!

Danielle, YOU ROCK! Happy Halloween and thanks for letting us share your tips with our readers.



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