Saturday, September 25, 2010

{Gift-lemma} Translation: What the heck do I buy for...?

Whenever one of my two boys gets invited to a birthday party, I REALLY struggle with what to buy for a gift. My oldest is eleven and at that age, a lot of the kids want gift cards. Speaking of which...isn’t it funny where you can buy gift cards these days!? Everywhere from the supermarket to the gas station. Kind of takes the fun out of it (but I will admit to buying a card at Ye Ole Card kiosk at the Circle K gas station). Invitations (at least in my neck of the woods) tend to come with very little time left to buy a gift. PSA: Think ahead about designing your child's birthday invitation and itsy bitsy Etsy your way over to Anders Ruff Custom Designs. We do rush orders!

Anyways, I found this really cool website called
uncommon goods. They offer all kinds of unique, "uncommon" items for everything from the home to the hostess. Here are some examples of fun things I found for gift giving to the younger set.

Eco Dough anyone? (for the 3-5 year old age range):

Check out these cool Hands Gone Wild! temporary tattoos for kids in the 5+ age range:
The über cool thing about uncommon goods is that they donate $1 from every gift you purchase on their site to one of three charities (you choose which one). It’s called the Better to Give Program.

uncommon goods sells a heck of a lot of good things! Check out this cool croquet lamp featured in their Recycled Home Décor section:

We like cool companies!



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