Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{DIY} Halloween Wreath out of Candy by Craft-O-Maniac

I was searching for a fun craft to show you all (because I need one myself!) for Halloween. (Since we seem to be in the HALLOWEEN mood these days! I have an obsession with candy and sugar so this is up my alley! I love that the candy is STUCK on so that I can't eat it - saves my wardrobe that I like to invest in haha!

Craft-O-Maniac has some fabulous crafts that you should definitely check out!

This cute cute CUTE Halloween candy wreath just screams fun. She did a FABULOUS job on this tutorial!

Step 1:
Get a foam ring and glue your ribbon (that will be used for hanging)
Start w/ suckers - trim the stems of the lollipops and stick them into the wreath. Then add in smarties and tootsie rolls next. She says its BEST if you start with bigger pieces FIRST and smaller ones to fill in the holes.

Done! Fill up all the sides and edges...

Add some more fun festive ribbon....
Thanks for the fabulous idea, Craft-O-Maniac!

This is going to be the BEST Halloween ever!



Unknown said...

Why Thank you I am so flattered. XOXO Jen

Krysten said...

This is so cute. If I put this up in my house, it would "mysteriously" disappear over time!



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