Thursday, August 26, 2010

{Eye Candy} If I had a chance to change one thing about my wedding....

It has been 5 years since my wedding ceremony. If I had a chance to change one thing about my wedding, I would choose THIS cake.... (top left maybe with some more fall colored flowers). I mean, it looks like real ruffles. The icing is absolutely so simple, classy, soft looking and it would be gone GREAT with my dress!

Wow. I spotted these over at Eat Drink chic blog. I love her blog. She found them somewhere else, too! She found them from Magpie's Cake on Simplesong


I did LOVE my day, though ;-)

Here was MY cake:
The cake designer tried to mimic the french lace on my dress.... she did okay, but I LOVE this new cake!

Shout out to my sister - she put up with my demands!


What would you change about your day, if anything??


Lili said...

such a gorgeous bride!!! love your dress!!!

Shana said...

Wow - your dress was gorgeous. It looks like you had a very romantic wedding. Although your cake was pretty, that ruffled cake is too die for!

I wish I had known about Etsy when I got married. This would have changed so many things about my wedding. I joke that I want to renew my vows just so that it could have more of a handmade feel. :)

Shera said...

I just had this same thought yesterday! After seeing this cake


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