Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{Fabulous Finds} A New Obsession...

My serious obsession (is still Amy Atlas, of course... ) is.... Bakerella!

Have you heard of her? She makes the most wonderful looking desserts. I am dying to try her cake pops. They look so cute (and yummy!) and there are so many ways to customize them to coordinate with your party theme.

Here are some of my favorites from her site... How perfect would the bees have been for Pierson's 1st Bee Day.

I am totally going to make these for Halloween....
Or what about a doggie party!?

If I had a baby girl, Hello Kitty would for sure be one of her party themes... and so these would be PERFECT!
and next order of business to tackle.. macaron pops!!! So many lovely ideas. Thanks, Bakerellafor the wonderful inspirations! These blue macaron pops would have been great for Jeffrey's Pool Party!



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