Monday, June 28, 2010

{DIY} Colorful Mobiles!

If you know me (Maureen), I am Miss Impatient (or Miss Proactive... that is a creative spin on that term - it is a GOOD thing!). If I have an idea, I have to share it right away.... if I buy a gift, I have to give (and/or TELL)... so in this case, it works to your benefit!

I saw these awhile back and added them to my inspiration favorites. I just came across them again and even though I wanted to actually make them before sharing.... here they are!

Modern Colourful Mobiles!


I think these would be wonderful for SO many uses.... party (or wedding!) table centerpieces hung from the ceiling, kids playrooms and bedrooms! (Probably shorter so they can't pull them down), hanging from trees outside, hung from the porch if you are having an outdoor party, etc! Heck, I might even make these for over my desk in my studio!

I hope you make them... and I hope that you share photos with us if you do!

Here is the tutorial!
Happy crafting!


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