Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Featured Clients} Rubber Duckie, You're Number One! Andy's 1st Birthday

Our client, Lorena, asked us to customize our Rubber Duckie Birthday Party Printable Invitation and Rubber Duckie Birthday Party Printable Coordinating Design Accessories Collection for her son Andy's first birthday. Lorena did a fabulous job of styling the party and we are thrilled to share with you the photos, as well as Lorena's commentary!

How adorable is Andy sitting next to his cake?!

In her own words..."OK...for the kiddies we served turkey pinwheels, celery and carrot sticks and a tater-tot bar with a selection of dipping sauces (BBQ sauce, Honey mustard, Ranch, and ketchup). For the grown-ups, we had a selection of spreads; hummus and artichoke/jalapeno dip with crackers and chips. We had a chicken pasta salad, Caesar salad and turkey pinwheels. I must say, the tater tots were a big hit with the grown ups as well! The drinks were water bottles wrapped in Anders Ruff water wraps and lemonade...of course!

For the cake, we had a delectable white cake with butter cream filling covered in fondant with rubber duckies all over! Complementing the cake, blue jell-o was served in little yellow tubs with a rubber ducky "floating" in it! I got the inspiration for the #1 sign from Prudent Baby blog...the tater-tot bar was inspired by Busy Bee Lifestyle and the pinata was my own inspiration. I think I learned how to do them as a kid in Mexico and I knew I would never find a rubber duck pinata anywhere! I also made the party hats because I couldn't find just yellow hats.

While looking for a template online for party hats, I ran into one of Li'l Magoolie's posts about a cardboard box party where they had handmade hats. I remember making these hats in Mexico as well and I was thrilled I could remember how to do them! Since the hats look like little boats and this being a rubber ducky party, it made them even better. I cut out ducks from the left-over paper from the #1 sign and printed out signs that said "Andy's 1st Birthday Party" in blue paper and cut the top with scalloped scissors to make it look like mini-waves. Unfortunately, Andy wouldn't wear his!

The centerpieces were small vases and small fishbowls with blue and white glass beads with daffodils and a rubber ducky."

Lorena, Andy and Lorena's homemade pinata!

Lorena fashioned these hats out of cardboard boxes

Our coordinating birthday banner serves as a backdrop for this amazing dessert table

Lorena did a fantastic job of color coordinating the tablecloth, plates and napkins

A tater tot bar!

I spy a duck in my jello

A crunchy and healthy snack

What an adorable way to display your bottled water, Lorena!

A close up of the bottled water label that was customized with "Andy's 1st Birthday"

All of the guests took home favor pails filled with sweets and treats!

Happy 1st Birthday Andy!

Great job Mom & Dad!


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Lorena said...

I'm so honored to have been featured in your blog...thank you so much for making this an extra special, 1st Birthday, party!


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