Sunday, January 9, 2011

{Adria and Maureen} NYC/ Martha Here we Come

This photo was from when Adria and I were in NYC in December for the party Zulema was holding for Nick's 50th birthday. (You will see the photos this week! Amazing!) We loved helping set the dessert table and meeting Zulema and her sister at the party, Yesi (who is also a super fabulous client of ours)!

We just had to get a pic in front of Martha's studios - hoping that we would be back someday soon!.... (Thanks, Suysel, for taking the pic!)

Well, we are headed BACK to NYC on Dec 17th for the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers 2011 event. We are so excited to attend this workshop! We get to meet some fabulous party people that we network with every day online.

This photo was taken from Zulema's party at the top of Trump Soho!

Can't wait to share details from the NYC trip to Martha's studios. We are excited to see a taping of the show, too! We are so thankful for this amazing opportunity!



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