Thursday, December 9, 2010

Royal Purple & Red Holiday Spread on KUTV2 News: PART 1

Part 1 of Mara (LMG Events) and her interview on CH2 news in Salt Lake City!
Mara is a fabulous event planner out in Salt Lake City Utah and has some great tips for styling.

We customized our holiday collection in royal purple and red for Mara to use in her photo shoot and news segment. Mara did a beautiful job!

You can check out Mara's event planning website - LMG Events. She has a beautiful portfolio.

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Jane said...

Oh Hi gals, so nice to 'meet' you - FINALLY caught up on my Purple Pug crush reading, so naturally had to come and check you out. I'm in love! This is a seriously lovely blog:) Naturally I followed for you, now I'll go 'stalk' (oh I mean 'like') you on facebook! All the best, Jane:)


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