Tuesday, May 4, 2010

{Coming Soon} Jeffrey's 5th Birthday

My little Jeffrey is turning 5 in about a month. I can't believe it!

You know what is going down in the Anders household - party planning... and lots of it!

This year we are doing a pool party. We will use the terrace at our village hall pool for all of the setup, and the kids will enjoy the water! Our pool has the "zero-entry", which is awesome for kids of all ages. It's like stepping into the ocean w/ the gradual entry instead of the water being over most kids heads! (Much less stressful for moms, too!)

I am really looking forward to this one. This will be our first party that is not at our house or grandma's house. Should be interesting! I know I won't have all the time to decorate, so the setup ought to be super stressful,... I mean - interesting.

I sent out invitations yesterday. I will take a real photograph of the actual product that went out.

I used a graphic logo that I designed to create a custom stamp from photostamps.com.

I also created a custom return address logo w/ Jeffrey's info.

The front was adorned with a big ole' address label that had my favorite pattern - houndstooth!

For now, digital will do:


I had them printed with our amazing press printing company that we use. They did them on a nice linen card stock. I sent them off in clear vellum envelopes.

Stay tuned for more!



Kathryn Crafts said...

Looks great and I'm sure it will be a big hit, as always!

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