Thursday, December 2, 2010

{Sneak Peek} Rainbow Arts/Painting Party

Our fabulous design editor, Caryn, is having her daughter's 6th birthday party tomorrow at an awesome ceramics painting studio. Art Space Studio.... So cool.

Elyse LOVES rainbows and painting, so Caryn wanted to have a Rainbow Painting party... perfect!

We designed a complete printable design collection for her party and are now offering it in our shop! Here is the coordinating invitation design.....

Can't wait to share more details!

PS. On another note - Adria and I are leaving for NYC for the weekend to attend a fabulous client's party for her husband's 50th (Anders Ruff did all the graphic work) - SO excited. We were planning on posting our Vintage collection photoshoot on the blog before we left, but not sure that will happen until early next week!


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