Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Featured Clients} An adorable Airline Party!

Audrey, a great and crafty client of ours, shared photos from her son's 1st Birthday Party. I am LOVING these airplane themed parties! She did a fabulous job.... Can't wait to show you everything below.

Here is the invitation that she sent out.... (She ordered a custom graphic and color change from our shop) Don't you just LOVE the color scheme!?

She used the party logos as napkin wraps.... I love how she displayed them in luggage!
Cute banner above the treats!
Could this cake be any cuter? I am loving cake buntings and her little logos on the sides make it so precious.... especially with the paper straws. Simple cakes can make such a great impact!

These cookies look so precious, too! I love how they are cloud shapes!
Precious setup with the water bottle wraps and napkins....
A closeup of the water bottle wraps....

She also used our printable folding food labels to personalize her food table...

More food and treats....

I love these cookie pops!!!!

These are my favorite part - the packaging is SO relevant to the theme, too. They look like little boxes that you'd see moving along the conveyor belt at an airport terminal! Love the twine, the cloud name tag and the logo sticker to tie it all together.

Great job, Audrey! WE love everything you did! What a memorable party that will be!

Thanks for sharing!

(Airplane printable designs available in our shop!)



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