Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Sneak Peek} Amazing client parties in NYC and Brazil

We are always THRILLED to be able to share our clients' parties with you all.

We have a few sneak peeks of some big parties to feast your eyes on.... Some real eye candy!

First up, Nick's amazing 50th Birthday party - planned by his girlfriend (and our wonderful client), Zulema. We had the pleasure of attending Nick's 50th Birthday and helped setup the dessert table, etc with Zulema. What a wonderful experience. Zulema is starting her own event planning / dessert table styling business in NYC and we can't wait to see her succeed! She is a true talent.

Just check out Trump SoHi - the venue. Top floor. Amazing!

Cookies by The Cookie Jar!
Me, Zulema and Adria...

Second up, Luciana's daughter's party. We LOVE it when we have international clients. When Luciana, of Brazil, contacted us to design a whole collection of printable graphics for her daughter's party, we were thrilled!

We will be sharing several large parties in the next week.... can't wait to share more!

Third up, Cecilia's 4th Birthday. What a BLAST this party was. We were in NYC for Nick's 50th (above) and were able to stop by our friend, Suysel's daughter's party. It was a disco dancing party and WOW was it fantastic. I think the kids will be talking about this party for a LONG time.... Here are some peeks....

Cute photo booth (dress up clothes, etc provided for them to enjoy!)
The dance floor!
The cake!
Stay tuned within the next week for full detailed photos!



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