Monday, September 13, 2010

{Oh Baby!}

Maureen and Adria (the creative ones) have asked me to join their team and post for their blog a few days per week. I wish I were as creative as Maureen (Martha) Anders and Adria (Martha Jr.) Ruff; however, I would consider myself Carrie (Martha VI) Kane. Anyhow, I look forward to sharing with you some of my fun finds, favorite things, yummy recipes, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ideas, etc. etc. (along with a bit of spunk on the side).

So this weekend I am invited to a baby shower. I have not thought about baby things for oh, about eight years. My two boys are eight and eleven, and Game Stop and iCarly are two of my favorite things (she said sarcastically), although iCarly isn’t too bad, but I digress. So back to shopping for the baby gift. I wanted to find something unique yet practical and I found it! The Original Baby Briefcase ® from Organized from the Start. Here is the picture I took before I wrapped it:

The idea behind this cute little invention is that it is designed to neatly store all of your baby’s paperwork, from the immunization records to the Social Security card, to a few of your extra, super cute birth announcements from Anders Ruff!
I will not know any of the mom’s at this shower (other than my former colleague, who is the one having the baby girl) and I am kind of hoping we don’t have to play any games. Have you heard of pass the poopy diaper? I guess it’s like musical chairs, but people pass around a diaper filled with a scoop of hot fudge. Well, whatever the hostesses decide, I will put on my party hat and dive in…just hopefully not in to the poopy diaper.



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