Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{DIY Recycle Project} Colorful Cork Mobiles by Jen

Jen, from (I posted about her blog and shop awhile ago... fabulous)
has some of the most creative crafts out there. Not only for kids - for big people, too!

She recently posted about a creative way to recycle wine corks. (We could all use a little recycling crafts in our lives, right?) I just love the way she used corks to create bright, fun, modern mobiles! Oh, and these would be cute for parties, too! (and nearly free!)

For me, I'd have to get someone to drink the wine since I'm not much of a drinker, but I have plenty of people around me (clears throat) who would love to polish off a bottle of wine that I uncork.

Use a needle and thread and hang on bamboo sticks....

Go check out her blog for better instructions ;-)
Jen, you are the MOST creative!

By the way, check out her etsy shop, too! (Amazing handmade dresses and patterns!)
(her blog is here)



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