Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Featured Clients} Gavin's Sock Monkey Party

Kristi {an awesome client of ours that we work with often} had us help her with graphic items for her son, Gavin's sock monkey party. We had a blast designing for her.

She is a really talented photographer and shared some of the photos with us!

Kristi has a great eye for design and did an awesome job on Gavin's party.
I am excited to share photos with you!

We designed the invitation for Gavin's sock monkey party. This is available in our shop!
Not sure if you all know this, but if you choose to use our professional printing service, the printer prints front and BACKside.... check out the cute backside that coordinates with this invite...
Now on to some of the photos from Kristi's party that she threw for Gavin... We designed fun logos to coordinate perfectly with the invite...

How cute is the red shred on the table?
You can catch a glimpse of the sock monkey cake. Could you die?! How cute is it!?
I want to eat one of those cupcakes!
How cute are her favor bags? We designed favor tags for her and she stuck them on the fronts of the bags.

We also designed luggage tags for her party. Personalized with each child's name and phone on the backside. Easy format to print / laminate! (FYI tip - lots of copy shops have self service laminating stations which is SO much fun (and cheap!))
Great photos, Kristi! Looks like it was a super sweet and personalized party!

Sock monkey invitations available in our shop! (customize your colors!) Twin version also available!


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Ashley said...

I love the sock monkey theme! My baby boy is almost 7 months and I'm already looking at stuff for his first bday. It's a big deal, ya know!?!?


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