Monday, July 12, 2010

{Featured Clients} Elmo Inspired Party

Michelle, an amazing client of ours, was so much fun to work with on creating a Sesame Street/Elmo themed party.

Well, Michelle loved our Elmo Inspired Invitation from our shop. We created the invitation as well as several other coordinating items for her party. She shared photos with us, and we wanted to share them with you all. (Isn't Tessa just ADORABLE!?)

When it comes to character parties, we love the challenge of creating graphic design invitations for themes where we are limited in usage of licensed characters. We created an Elmo styled invitation that had NO usage of elmo at all. (Thus, legal!) What do you think? Would you get the message that this is an Elmo / Sesame Street party? Take a look at the invitation.

I am actually GLAD that we can't use characters. I don't love commercialized "stuff", and there are so many unique ways to make a party classy and fun, while meeting the requests of the birthday boy/girl's theme of choice!

Take a look at the photos from Tessa's party. The top left is a photo of the invitation and thank you note, side by side. Her outfit is so cute and Michelle got that off etsy, too!
She had a cake and a cupcake cake that was the face of elmo. The cake is so cute - modern looking and not too "character-y"... You can see Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Oscar in each square. Michelle also had construction board characters hung all over the house, making it fun for the kids!

Look at how cute the cookies were - they were red and white polkadot like the invitation! (and favor tags that we designed) The pizza had a 2 out of pepperoni! I would have never thought of that! Michelle had a banner hung that was really fun, too. I think she got that off etsy as well! LOVE etsy! (P.S. doesnt' Michelle look like a Kelly Ripa w/ dark hair! So gorgeous!)

We can design custom banners for any theme, as well!
Here are some samples of the party logos that we created for her to use throughout the party.

We designed a custom thank you note to go along with the elmo theme. I think it is so fun and it is still classy, but totally goes with the elmo invitation!

Thanks for sharing, Michelle!
We would LOVE to see your parties where you turned a "character" party into something really fun and classy!


Unknown said...

Hey! That's my best baby girl niece and Kelly Ripa look a like sister on your blog! What a nice post and great coverage of what was an excellent party. All of your designs were sister and I are big Etsy fans and she has spoken so highly of you and your products/customer service. I hope lots of folks out there are inspired by these was a great Elmo/Sesame Street party and not at all so "commercial" which made it great - Tessa loved the Sesame Street things and they were all still so unique. Great job!

Emma Hardeman said...

Love this!!!!


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