Friday, July 23, 2010

{Straight from our Studio} Tiny Parties are Tiny in a BIG way!!!

Yesterday, we had a client contact us to design water bottle wraps and party logos for a Tiny Party.

I had never heard of this concept before... (thank-goodness our client sent some references).

So - She sent us a photo of her invitation, and wanted us to coordinate the water bottle wrap and party logo to it (see her invite below) - How cute is that???

Her only request was that we use the phrase "Tiny Water".... so here is what I came up with:

Then she wanted her party logo to say: Good things come in TINY packages

I then went looking on the internet to see what other items are out there for Tiny Parties....
Here are a couple things I found:
{Don't you just love the tiny cherry pies and the tiny buttons on the tiny cupcakes... what about those tiny onesies!!!!}

From left to right:

Tiny Dessert Inspiration found on: Design Dazzle ; Tiny Onsie Cookies found on: Pastry Girls

Tiny Water Bottle label Inspiration found on: Armelle Jewelry; Tiny Cupcake Liners found on: Cupcake Social

Tiny Food Inspiration found on: The Creativity Room

Wouldn't this be a great party theme for: Baby's First Birthday, Tiny Two Birthday Party, or even a Baby Shower?

One last bit of inspiration... check out this Mom's Tiny Party - Love it!!!

p.s. Thanks Jillian for sharing your tiny finds!!!


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