Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{Inspirations} Pretty, Pretty Tape

Ever since I was tee-tiny, I had an obsession with paper, stickers and tape. The only thing I would ask Santa for as a little girl was "paper". Well, if only I had THESE puppies back then!

I came across these while doing a little research for a giveaway (hint, hint).

Have you seen/used Japanese Masking Tape?
IDIY blog did several writeups on this magical and glorious tape. I couldn't help myself but share the eye candy and inspirations!
{ image source }

Packaging and label ideas
From Nothing Elegant on Etsy

Remember how much I LOVE collages? (Remember my past life?) Think of the collage I could come up with using this tape!

"Big Bang" - a collage I created for Suysel! Could this have been done with tape? Doubtful but it would be a really cool effect to try!
Remember "UNITED" that I created for Ashley Whittaker Design? How about a flag out of Japanese tape!?

Photos -A Spoonful of Sugar ( 1 / 2 / 3 )

Maybe Jeffrey would keep his markers nice and organized if I helped him make a cool container like THIS...Taped cans from PicnicBlog

I could just sit and play with this tape for HOURS.... Look at these pretties:
Colorful collage of patterns from Origamisan

I could think of a MILLION reasons to hang cards and design them like this....
Photo by Haystack Needle; From a NY Gift Show booth display

Boxing and ribbon ideas
from the MT Gallery
Um, I want to tape a bunch of pretty colors and have a party! This was from Project Wedding

Glass bottle or vase wraps via Flickr 1 / 2

DIY magnetic note holders from Whisker Graphics
I love to try new ways to package and favor-up goodies. Check out this pretty packaging with glassine bags....via Happy Tape



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