Saturday, June 26, 2010

{Fabulous Finds} Have you been to "How Does She" lately?

Have you been to?

.... well, have you? How Does She is one of my top bookmarked sites because of the uniqueness of their posts! It is a blog run by 3 extraordinary women (and mothers!). They realized they were always asking "How does she do this, or how does she do that?" when it comes to throwing perfect parties, creative ways to keeping up a really healthy lifestyle (with even the pickiest eaters), or implementing new ideas for the family. I love how they have gathered so much talent and knowledge from women all over to create a "go to" resource blog that is FUN to read!

Some of my favorite posts so far have been:

I am TOTALLY going to make that for my next party!

and, oh! This one:

I am DYING to make these for my kids. I just stumbled upon it the other day. I love food trickery!

and because most of my "free time" is spent planning parties, I about died when I saw how CUTE this post was:

I am so looking forward to having a shower sometime soon... this will be top of my list to create!
How stinkin cute!?

If you haven't, you must go find out HOW DOES SHE!?



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