Sunday, June 27, 2010

{Featured Client} Take me out to the ball game...

A super sweet client of ours, Leslie, shared photos with us from her son's baseball themed birthday party. Leslie hired us to create a whole collection of baseball graphic designs to use throughout her party. She shared photos of some of the party with us, and we are excited to post them!

Here is the style invitation Leslie sent out to set the tone for the party for her guests... (her son is not shown here, even though our boys sorta look similar! ;-))

Leslie used one of the party logos from the sports collection to create a super cute door hanger:

Check out the creative way Leslie displayed her cupcakes. Adorable. Lots of cupcake toppers decorated the tops of those sweet confections!

Not only did Leslie serve cupcakes, but she also had an ice cream sundae station where kids could pile on toppings into their baseball helmet shaped bowl! So creative!

A very "USA" feeling party porch. I love all the decor!

Tents that fit the color scheme, of course!

Her tables were very festive! Home plate placemats! Theme fitting picture frames on each table and a bat full of gum! How sweet it is...

Super cute baseball pinata! Brings back good memories from the sports party I held for my sonwhen he was just 3!

Leslie had activities galore for the kids! An awesome bounce house! Hat decorating! So fun!

Leslie's food for the party was SO perfect for the baseball theme...
Love the napkin wraps! Do you see the detail!? She wrapped them with the suede cord that you see on baseball mitts! So creative!
Leslie asked us to create food labels for all her yummy snacks. She came up with super creative terminology and every food totally fit a "baseball" theme!

Festive punch options! RBI Red punch.... so cute!

I just LOVE the way water bottle wraps look all assembled and together. Such a cheap and easy way to coordinate with your party and add a personal touch!

The birthday boy! Favors behind him - she adorned her favor bags with the favor tag from the collection.

What a beautiful family! I love how Leslie dressed the whole family in the party colors and theme! Go Leslie!!! Awesome job on the party!

If you are having a sports themed party (baseball, basketball, golf, foodball... anything!), let us know! We'd love to create a collection just for you! Collection below available in our shop.



Leslie Pigg said...

thanks, Maureen & Adria!! It was so much fun to work together on this party!! Can't wait to get our creative juices working on my next one. You guys are SO good at what you do. :)

Isbella said...

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