Tuesday, July 19, 2011

About Maureen Anders

Today's introduction-
Maureen Anders
Anders Ruff Creative Director / Designer / Stylist

Maureen was brought up in Novi, Michigan by 2 interior designer parents. She grew up surrounded by creativity and design and has always had a true passion for creating her own masterpieces. Drawing and sketching, painting and paper crafts, graphic design, sewing and smocking,… the list goes on. Ever since she was a little girl, she had an obsession with paper. It was the only thing on her “wish list” to Santa every year! (She even cried with joy one Christmas after getting a huge stack of various colored cardstock and mat boards from her dad's framer).

Even with her art and design passion, she attended the University of Michigan College of Engineering to obtain a Bachelors in Industrial and Operations Engineering. She began her career with GE Healthcare as a Diagnostic Imaging Sales Account Manager. She met the love of her life during her sales training program, moved to North Carolina and hasn’t looked back!

Woven in between the mathematical equations and scientific principles came design inspiration and attention to detail. More than anything else, Maureen has always been completely fulfilled by simply designing and creating from her random daily inspirations. After she had her first son, Jeffrey, Maureen decided that the stressful and travel filled capital sales career was not going to work and she became a stay at home mom.

She loved staying home with her boys (Jeffrey, 6, and Pierson, 3), but had always needed a creative outlet to keep balance. Maureen started a business in 2006, Posh Papier, where she designed handmade invitations and also took on large scale art projects seen in House Beautiful and Lonny Magazine.

She loved working for herself, but always missed having a partner to bounce ideas off of, to be inspired by, and to collaborate with on late night projects. Maureen’s dream was to meet someone with the same goals, interests and vision. When she met Adria at a random preschool open house, it just clicked and she knew it was meant to be!

Anders Ruff has been a dream for Maureen and every day she wakes up with as smile knowing that she will never "work" a day in her life since this is her true passion.

Maureen’s Favorites:
TV Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, Bachelorette
Fashion Designer: Tory Burch
Hobbies: Graphic Design and Styling (of course), Restaurant Critiquing, Tennis and Zumba
Food: Chicken Picatta with Spinach
Dessert: Cheesecake (Plain with berries)
Random: Self proclaimed OCD – enjoys buying in bulk and several of the same clothing article in various colors.



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