Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{Featured Clients} Jack's Vintage Carnival 3rd Birthday Party

Jack, the birthday boy with his custom cake made by none other than Mama Bird, Kat herself!

I know that it is still very cold in many parts of the US (and all over the world); however, we thought that we would dream a little dream of summer with this sweet celebration! Meet Kathryn, aka Mama Bird, who in her own words is..."Hyper, never sit still Wife, Mom, Haircolor Expert, inspiring chef, cupcake baker, organic growing, garden loving, wine drinking, obsessed with design, entertaining and organization. I read cookbooks as if they were novels and I am a Nigella Lawson/Candice Olsen want-a-be. I love my family, my life and throwing a party! I have been blessed with a Handy Hubby and a wonderful son." Wow, I am exhausted just reading your bio, Kat. Before we share with you the amazing party Kathryn threw for her son Jack's 3rd birthday (using our Vintage Carnival invitation and accessories), take a peek at her fantastic blog aptly named, Mama Bird's Nest.

Without further ado, step inside the Big Top as Kat shares with us pictures from Jack's party. By the way, Kathryn made EVERYTHING you see (with the exception of our invitation and printables). We are SO impressed and you will be too!

Kat's homemade tent pinata; I think we need step by step instructions!

A carnival would not be the same without the "stick your head in the wooden cut-out for a photo op"! In this case, the wooden cut-out is an adorable little red jalopy.

Each table was really under its own "Big Top" tent. So pretty. Kat!

What a gorgeous, inviting punch on a hot day; complete with coordinating cups, straws, napkins and tablecloth.

The water bottles were wrapped with our printable water bottle labels (in the coordinating carnival theme).
How cute is this hat?

Cotton candy sealed with a printable logo from our carnival collection.

Kat draped our printable accessory banner on her wooden fence and then her lollipop tree and cupcake stand with coordinating cupcakes took center stage! Look at the fun red and white striped hat with the blue poms and streamers atop the lollipop tree.

Popcorn anyone? Party rentals like popcorn and cotton candy machines made such a great addition this party!

Kathryn, thank you so much for sharing these pictures from Jack's happy day. Your special touches, from the lollipop tree to the homemade pinata really made this a "Big Top" event!

Anders Ruff Vintage Carnival Birthday Party - Customized - Printable Coordinating Design Accessories Collection (shown below) and available here.

Anders Ruff Vintage Carnival Birthday Party - Customized - Invitation (shown below) available here



Franny's Favorites said...

Great job Kat-Bird! Looks like Jack had an amazing party!

Leslie said...

What an adorable party! I just love the party hat on top of the lollipop stand!

Angela said...

Oh my heavens! It looks like so much for youngsters and the adults, too! Love it all! :)

Miranda Konieczny said...

This is such an adobrable theme!! I love it!! http://ooohlalaparties.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

Hi, just wondering if you bought polka dot tablecloths or just got fabric, and if so where you got it if it was online. I want to do a polka dot overlay on white, either aqua or red polka dots.


Anonymous said...

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