Saturday, May 14, 2011

A 6th Birthday Dino-Dig Party

Hi everyone, it's Becky trying out the blog! I wanted to share with you details from my son's recent 6th birthday party. Sam has always loved playing in the sand and dirt, like most kids! So we figured a Dino-Dig themed party would be perfect for his 6th birthday and he happily agreed. Anders Ruff already had a great Dinosaurs themed collection in the shop, so I modified it to be a Dino-Dig theme with different colors and dinosaur skeletons.

We woke up to a little rain but by party time it was sunny, thankfully! We had a number of activities planned to keep everyone busy, including a pinata, a volcano, the dino-dig and a bouncy house - (compliments of a local realtor-what a great way to get your name out!) After everyone had bounced for awhile, we broke them into 2 groups and had each go to the sandbox to dig for dinosaur skeletons, dinosaur skulls and gems.

They were so excited to find their treasures in the sand, and they traded with each other at the end. We had a bucket of water next to the sandbox to rinse off hands and feet after digging. I made a sheet with drawings of the dinosaurs that they found so they could name and identify them.

Each guest received a bucket with a luggage tag attached to keep track of their goodies. This proved to be helpful when the pinata was busted open, too!

Our volcano was made out of homemade clay and an old laundry detergent bottle. We talked about different theories for how the dinosaurs became extinct and then demonstrated a "lava flow" by using baking soda, vinegar, red food coloring and a little dish soap for extra foam. The kids liked that activity so we did that a couple times!

Everyone munched on dino-shaped chicken nuggets, dino-shaped pb&j's, fruit skewers, chocolate rock candy and Scooby snacks (bone-shaped!) ;)

I, of course, forgot to get a photo of the table when it was all laid out but here's what I did manage to take before it started...

The cake was partially decorated with a volcano and I added a logo and dinosaur skeleton sugar cookie cutouts to it. (I used this template.)

Along with their bucket of dinos and gems, each guest brought home a bag of chocolate rocks and pop rocks.

It was a great time and Sam really enjoyed his party! Easy clean-up too because everyone was outdoors!

The Dino-Dig invitation and package is now available in our shop!

Other Sources
Dinosaur Skeletons - Amazon
Dinosaur Skulls - Michael's
Bag of Gems - eBay

Chocolate Rocks - Walmart or Amazon


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Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Am noting down the great ideas in this party! Our soon-to-be-4 Andre has asked for a dinosaur theme, too!


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