Thursday, April 7, 2011

{Featured Parties} Alden's 3rd Firetruck Birthday Party

Calling all firefighters to the station! It's time to share Alden's 3rd birthday celebration!

My dear friend, Kathryn (the editor of My Mommie Made It), celebrated her son's 3rd birthday recently.
I am excited to share with you her party details.

She sent out Anders Ruff invitations to set the tone for her party....

Kathryn is a talented seamstress and owns her own embroidery business. She whipped up this adorable fire hat appliqued shirt for her son, Alden, to wear on his big day.

The guests were greeted with the cutest easel and polkadot balloons to coordinate. (LOVE those!!) Alden was so excited when he saw the fire truck pull up!The Charlotte Fire Department is so nice! They came and let the kids play in and around the fire truck. They showed the kids some of the awesome features of the firetruck and even let them spray the fire hose!
My little Peanut had a BLAST!

Inside, sweets awaited the little ones. Kathryn had us design some coordinating printable party logos for the cupcakes. Her setup looked precious. She hung a banner on the mirror and embellished it with printable firetruck circle pennants.

She used adorable polkadot cupcake liners in the color scheme of red, white and black.

Alden loved his sweet cupcakes. Dr. Oetker makes the yummiest organic flavors and are our go-to for special occasions. She used Jacinda's Decorator Icing recipe from Prudent Baby and piped it on in sweet swirls. (She used the butter + vegetable shortening minus transfat + meringue powder version, and it was ah-mazing!) They were absolutely delicious!
When it was time to go, the kids got a cute wrapped up favor (firetruck sticker set) with an organic lolli and embellished with a printed favor tag.

Great job, Kathryn! We had a blast!

Kathryn has a blog called "My Mommie Made It". It is a place for all things crafty. Kathryn is a talented seamstress, crafter, artist, monogrammer (is that a word?) and more!
She has an etsy shop that she is in the process of opening so be sure to check her out!

Party Printables including Invites, Toppers & Logos - Anders Ruff Custom Designs
Polka Dot fabric & balloons - Hobby Lobby
Basic Banner, Yellow Napkins - Dollar Tree
Cupcake Liners & Topper Sticks - Michaels
Dr. Oetker Vanilla Cake Mix - Earthfare
Photography - Kathryn Crafts and Maureen Anders



Dave said...

These pics bring me back to my son's 4th Bday. I still remember all of the kids doing the firehouse tour and photo op @ the truck. Very cute details,LOVE!

Kathryn Crafts said...

Thanks for the feature & compliments Maureen! It was a great day and your printables are the best!! :)

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