Thursday, February 3, 2011

{Featured Clients} Peace, Love & Flowers - A Very Special 15th Birthday Party!

Happy 15th Birthday Julie! Peace, Love & Flowers...

Paula Rosenthal, Dessert Stylist extraordinaire and owner of Just a Bite Desserts, recently planned for her daughter Julie a 15th birthday party to remember. Julie's nickname is "Sunshine" and Paula and her husband Howard created for Julie and her friends a B.F.F. Photo Shoot Party with the theme of Peace, Love & Flowers.

The location for the party was a no brainer! Julie's father Howard is a professional photographer who specializes in B.F.F. Photo Shoots (check out his website). Julie asked each of her friends to bring three outfits: pajamas, camp shirts (they know each other from summer camp) and jeans with a dressy top. The girls were models for a night and had a blast in the studio dancing to music and posing with props. After the shoot, the girls were treated to dinner, a movie and a sleepover with a special dessert party.

Take #1: The girls in their PJ's

Take #2: Dressy

Paula's peace signs, hearts and flowers themed dessert table drew inspiration from a blog post by Pamela Smerker of Party Starters. We created for Paula some custom printables for the table (the food tents, labels and the birthday banner) which kept everyone feeling groovy! Take a peek:

Paula made for Julie a four layer dark chocolate fondant cake

Doughnuts courtesy of Dough A Deer

Paula's iced sugar cookies

Chocolate covered oreos (Paula, will you please make some more for me?)

Paula's special cake pops

The flower pinata

Each girl brought home her candy from the pinata in these cute keepsake hearts

Julie, Paula & Howard, thank you for sharing with us this extemely unique and fun idea for a birthday party. It certainly had all of the girls jumping for joy!



Pamela Smerker said...

Great party Paula! Love your color scheme and of course all of the fun pictures of the girls. Thanks so much for including me as a source of inspiration...blushing!

Paula {} said...

Thanks so much, Maureen and Adria, for this wonderful post about my daughter's party! It was fun to create and the printables you designed were so perfect! What a joy to work with you. :)

Pam, the hearts, flowers and peace signs are actually hanging from hooks, attached in long lines with fishing wire. I was inspired by your beautiful hanging hearts you featured on your blog.


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