Friday, February 19, 2010

"Business on the front, Mommy on the back"

So this is JUST the type of thing that gets Adria and I excited... PAPER products. That is why we are in business! So when we received our new business cards from our amaaaaaazing professional printer, we about both peed our pants. LOVE.

Check em out! I will have to take a REAL photo of them soon, but here is the design:

The front has our "business" card and the back has our "mommy" calling card. I guess you could call it "business on the front, mommy on the back"

This will be a great way to have our cards - we can give people our info for our business and also show them a sample of one of our products - mommy calling cards. Also, if we meet a new friend, we can give them the card because it has our "mommy info" on it!

In love!

1 comment:

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